Railway Ball 2016 Menu


The Railway Ball menu tasting is one of the perks of the job. We have just finished our 2016 marathon tasting session. 29 different dishes were trailed, with the hotel’s head chef, pastry chef, banqueting manager, Sommelier, Uncle Tom Cobley and all in attendance.  That’s quite a party in itself and the booze was in equal abundance: 6 wines, 6 cocktails, 4 Champagnes plus the odd beer were all sniffed and scrutinised to get it right on the night. Hic!

Many Ball guests are long-term supporters and frequent attenders of corporate shindigs, so we like to come up with something different, without it being gimmicky. We don’t implement change for changes sake, so you won’t find any dishes served up on slate or wooden chopping boards, which I’d personally like to send to Room 101.  Give me a plain white plate any day.

What you will see though, is a response to have more time to socialise. This year it will be a three course meal preceded by some delicious canapés. Knocking out the fourth course and adding in some tasty bites in the reception means guests won’t be sat down for so long. The canapés we hope will be enjoyed during the cocktail reception, with the stunning London night skyline as a backdrop. There will also be a selection of cocktails (with and without booze) and we are also looking into getting a locally brewed beer from the nearby Meantime Brewery. Fingers crossed that one works out.

The rest of the menu is under wraps until the night. Having tasted it I can promise it will not disappoint.

For more on the menu please get in touch.

Please supply your guests dietary requirements by Friday 4 November 2016.



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