Together we’re changing children’s lives

Since our first Railway Ball in 2000 we have done incredible things. Your support has helped us raise an amazing £6,500,000. That generosity has changed thousands of lives…

Like Selemani’s…

12-year-old Selemani was helping his parents selling food at the market in Dar es Salaam when a lady asked him to carry her shopping to the car. When they got there she dragged him in to the vehicle and sped off. Selemani was taken 350km away from home where he was he was forced to look after cattle and goats for over six months, kept in a locked compound. He eventually managed to escape and get help. He was taken to one of Railway Children Africa’s partners who were able to make sure he was safe and trace his parents.

…and Peter’s

Peter, aged 13, came to BTP attention because he had a first-class ticket from Kings Cross to Newcastle and was travelling in the middle of a school day.  He couldn’t explain to officers why he was travelling so far, who he was going to meet or who had paid for his ticket. Officers discovered that he was involved in ‘County Lines’, transporting drugs and money for a criminal gang, and referred him to our team. With our support he has been able to break away from the gang and recognise what it means to be groomed and how to stay safe.

…and Jagdish’s

When 14-year-old Jagdish was spotted alone at Salem Railway Station, our outreach team knew he was in danger. But Jagdish was one of the lucky ones. Our team saw him sitting alone and took him to our shelter nearby to keep him safe, give him something to eat and drink and start to understand his situation. Eventually he told us about his mother, who had married very young and left him with an uncle as she couldn’t cope when he was born. We’ve been able to track her down and reunite the family.

The amazing amount of money raised through The Railway Ball makes a huge difference to the children that need us.  Here’s what’s been achieved in the last year:

  • 11,740 children supported through our outreach work
  • 4,247 children reunited with their families
  • 869 members of the UK rail community trained to look out for children at risk

Railway Children won’t stop until there are no children living on the streets. With the continued support of the rail industry, we will get there sooner.

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