It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it

One of the organising team’s summer rituals (and to be honest a perk of the job) is the Railway Ball menu tasting at the Grosvenor House.

In order to come up with a 4 course meal, over 21 dishes, 7 wines and 7 cocktails were trailed last week by the Ball’s Chairs and Treasurer: Charles Belcher, Dyan Crowther, Michael Holden and Chris Cornthwaite.

The Grosvenor’s impressive delivery of 1,000+ meals, often twice daily, is something that would make a good “fly on the wall” documentary.  Over the years we have got to know the Grosvenor’s personalities that make the Railway Ball happen.  Familiar faces mean a warm welcome and a well-practised team. That said, we always try to ring the changes with the food. We are fully aware of the Grosvenor’s popularity for corporate “Do’s”, which means many guests dine here several times a year. If you are a Grosvenor regular, you will know their culinary repertoire as well as we do!

Gros Great Room



For a number of years we have opted for a “Mezze”. A plated selection of shared lite bites for guests to enjoy when they sit down. The challenge here is coming up with a quality product that can be kept warm, whilst guests are getting seated. These dishes have been made bespoke for the Ball, which on the plus side gives us something new. The downside is they are unpractised by the brigade of chefs responsible for a faultless execution for some 1,200 guests.  This can be a risk. For 2015 we have opted for a divine opening first course. Crafted for each and every guest, it will alleviate these worries. If you are someone who likes their own plate of food with no sharing, you are going to be happy.


The Grosvenor has recently appointed a new pastry chef, Dale De Simone. Dale brings a high-end restaurant style influence to the hotel’s dessert offerings, honed from his time at London’s Sketch restaurant. We never publish the full Railway Ball menu, but we can reveal SoulCity’s menu finale is a “Key “Sublime” Pie.”

If you are coming to the Ball and have any special dietary requests get in touch. The Grosvenor caters for hundreds of special requests for the Ball. It juggles this with keeping the dishes hot and fresh, served with precision timing to link up with the full-on entertainment programme. This in itself is no mean feat!

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